About our classes

To help relax a new student that may feel uncomfortable and uncoordinated, classes are conducted in a semi-formal environment. By the end of participation in a first class most find that they can not wait to train again.

At the beginning of a class all students and instructors take up a position in order of grade and rank around the edge of the training mat (tatami). Students kneel and, on command, bow to the Chief Instructor. Students then bow to all on the mat. This is a traditional act of respect. There is no religious connotation to this tradition.

Warm up exercises are conducted at the beginning of a class and generally involve stretching and strengthening. The aim is to increase flexibility, fitness and strength. Proper warm up exercises help to reduce the chance of injury and fatigue.

New students are advised not to overdo the exercises on a first training night.

After warm up exercises, strikes (tsuki), kicks (keri), falling safely (ukemi) and defence training are done.

Junior or senior student

The Academy teaches self defence skills to junior and senior students. Usually a junior is a student up to 15 years of age but this depends on physical ability and maturity.

To determine whether a person should train as a junior or a senior student, they can go along to one of the training nights at whichever branch is most convenient and talk to the branch Chief Instructor.

Branches, lessons & fees

So that a person can experience the Academy martial art, all branches offer at least one free try-out first lesson.

Lesson fees are charged separately and vary from branch to branch depending on that branch’s running costs and needs.

An individual annual membership fee is payable to the Academy. This fee includes the provision of the Academy martial art and associated services. It does not include personal injury insurance.


Self defence involves physical contact which can sometimes result in injury. All reasonable care is taken by Academy instructors but, as with any type of martial art training or contact sport, there is always a risk of injury.

With acceptance of a membership, a member of any standing agrees to support the constitution of the Academy and any legal rule or policy made under the authority of the Academy.

A member of any standing proven to have violated any Academy rule, policy or any part of the Academy constitution through unacceptable action or behaviour is subject to disciplinary measures.


If interested in joining, either go along to any branch or contact one of the chief instructors. Join in a class and take advantage of a free tryout before a decision to become a member is made.

More information

For more detailed information about the history of the Peter Morton Academy of Judo Jujitsu Karate Inc see the book: Many Mountain Summits. To obtain a copy, contact your branch chief instructor.