Alternative education in martial arts (AEiM)

A person may wish to participate in a martial art but that person may be deterred by the overt physical nature, dynamics and pressure to perform to a level that is insurmountable to them.

Rather than achieving a martial art goal through a traditional training and grading system, the Academy offers an alternative method of training.

The AEiM method is suitable for a person unable to participate in a traditional system of martial art in a traditional way, due to ability, age, mobility or injury concerns. Individually designed to suit a person, it offers an opportunity for participation in a martial art that may otherwise not be achievable.

Under the AEiM method a modified, low impact traditional technique may be learnt and practised in safety.

Except for any part of the Black Belt Syllabus, a participant may choose as an achievable goal, any area of the Academy martial art syllabus.

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