PMAJJK 40th anniversary

PMAJJK 40th anniversary

5 October 2002

This article appeared in the 2002 newsletter.

The dinner on the Saturday night of the Annual National Seminar was a three-fold event. It was a night to socialise, it saw the official handing over of the swords to the new Principal and Deputy Principal of the Academy, and it was a celebration of forty years of existence for the Peter Morton Academy of Judo Jujitsu Karate.

The night saw not only a three-course meal but also a menu of speeches by various Academy members, dan promotions and hand overs. Here was a gathering of all types of people with an age gap of up to 70 years, talking and mixing like old friends.

The handing over of the swords put a final touch of officialism upon those now charged with the future direction of the Academy.

As a memento of the occasion, Soke Morton was presented with a leather-bound book containing names and messages from those that had gathered there to be part of the celebrations.

It is in itself amazing for an organisation to be so strong, but it has to be an extraordinary feat to achieve 40 years of existence. It has brought with it an air of optimism for the future of the Academy.

This was a night to renew old friendships, talk about the past and catch up on current happenings of the Academy. This was a night for older and past members to mix with the newer members. This was a night for newer members to come face to face with Academy legends that had previously only been names. This was a night of celebration of something that has had an impact on the lives of many people.